6 Features of a reliable dating site

Most people start dating online because it’s easy and convenient, but you never know if a dating site is reliable enough. To make your life easier, you can use this bebemur advise, which will help you understand what features a reliable dating site should have!
By the way, if you’re looking for a modern and reliable dating website, you can try BeBeMur: it’s a huge social network that implements cutting-edge digital technologies to help you make new acquaintances with people from all around the world fast and conveniently. Read More …

Immersive Journalism: When VR cooperates with the Media

Immersive journalism gives the viewer much freedom in the matter of focusing attention on feeling a part of what is happening and studying the surrounding environment as if you were there. The task of the news release is to briefly and comprehensively talk about the most important events in the world. In a virtual environment, there is a risk that the news will either not be accepted by the viewer, or will be interpreted by him in the wrong way. So, the news of the future still will need to be followed by a commentary of professionals or story told by a news broadcaster. What else do we expect from the upcoming methods of immersive journalism? Read More …

How will media change with the development of VR?

Until now, we have associated virtual and augmented reality technologies with the entertainment industry - the Pokemon Go game, that was a real revolution, or the paraglider simulators using VR. However, virtual reality is gradually being used more and more, including the media. What has been already done and what are the prospects? Read More …

Virtual Reality Technology

Imitation is the new actual. And for many, it is great news. Recall the time we made make believe friends? Don’t assume all parent was forthcoming in accepting this ‘imaginary Read More …

How virtual reality can save mankind

There is something wrong with mankind. The talk was given by Gentry Lane, CEO and creator of TDO Productions, a VR creation studio aimed at societal good. We walk by Read More …

The Best Way To Search Delicate Topics Without Being Monitored

Are you performing some Internet queries where you would like to stay especially anonymous? Attempt anonymous browsing, how to not monitor, as well as additional programs.

Being, Best, Delicate, Monitored, Search, Topics, Without

Does PS VR Only Work With PS4

Forget the PlayStation component of PlayStation VR for a moment. PS VR is an excellent headset and contains an expanding collection of games with a couple of stand-outs that actually Read More …

Does, Only, With, Work

Weird Mask Adds Odor To VR Movies

Virtual-Reality is meant to affect all areas of our lives - from gambling and amusement to purchasing and traveling - but nobody is more thrilled about the forthcoming VR revolution Read More …

Adds, Mask, Movies, Odor, Weird

The HoloLens Finally Finds Its Use In Foreign Air Force

, Finds, Force, Foreign, HoloLens

The 10 Greatest Samsung Gear VR Applications

The quantity of certainly amazing applications and activities for that Gear VR got more and more during the previous twelve weeks. With the brand new Samsung Gear VR (2016) for Read More …

Applications, Gear, Greatest, Samsung

Consensus About PS-VR After Release

Properly, this can be catchy. PlayStation VR is a virtual-reality merchandise that is very fascinating. The headset is extremely comfortable, the setup and interface are superb and you will find Read More …

About, After, Consensus, PSVR, Release

How Lucrative Is Cam Modeling Really

Internet camera modeling, or “camming,” is becoming a money-making career since the web has made it possible for anybody to make and market pornography from their houses.

Lucrative, Modeling, Really

VR And HTC Vive Show The Magic Of Technologies

Being a real technology reporter means spending most of your life showing friends and family which smart phone they can buy next. Then there are the needs to resolve everybody’s Read More …

Magic, Show, Technologies, Vive

VR Technologies Developement Slower Than Expected

The previous time I used virtual-reality, I used to be in a little square area in a showy Vegas Resort, attempting to squeeze in an instant trial from the crowds. Read More …

Developement, Expected, Slower, Technologies, Than
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