A guide to the cases of CS Go or how do you get an uncommon skin?

Today , we'll explain how to go about it through opening cases on CS GO and making deals on the trading floor and we'll also show you some of the techniques that can allow you to earn some cash. Straight to the issue.

What do they serve?

Weapon cases https://bloodycase.com/cases contain weapons that are not standard or stickers that are different from typical weapons in only appearance. It is stunning, however actually, it doesn't offer any benefits. In game slang, it's known as"skin" "skin" and is that is used to describe all gamers.

Each case series has an identifier, and inside are a number of different skins. The first one is available by opening the box using an exclusive key. When you place your mouse over the case that is located in your inventory you'll be able to be able to see a list of skins inside.

Within Counter Strike, there is a marketplace in which players can purchase and sell skins for money. The turnover is very high. Something is sold and bought by players from various countries. You can observe the price fluctuations for the product, determine its worth and place it for sale, hoping that someone will purchase it.

Following the purchase, your personal cabinet , you will see a the balance in rubles. you can then transfer to your electronic wallet. This is a great opportunity to earn some money or boost the balance of your Steam account.

How can you identify the quality of the skin?

Pistols and machine guns, rifles, and shotguns that are taken from cases are each valued separately that determines the value of the item on the floor. The basic principle is the more rare the item that is in the cases, and the more valuable it is the more expensive the price.

The most sought-after prize is a collection of knives. The price at the trade floor could be several hundred thousand rubles.

To judge the quality of a skin open your inventory , and then hover your mouse over the picture of your weapon. In the tiny window that pops up you'll see all of the information regarding the weapon and its quality of the skin will be displayed at the top. Skins from the KS come with the following grades:

  • Junk - items with a white color that are found the most frequently, are not able to get out of the cases and are of the most value. The price is usually less than 5 rubles. It is generally worth around 1 ruble.
  • Industrial quality - products with a light blue hue, which also have little significance, and will not escape from the case. On the trading floor , prices vary between 1 and 10 rubles.
  • Quality Army - these products in dark blue are more expensive, starting at 20 rubles. They are attractive.
  • Forbidden is the standard price for rare occasions of purple can be as high as a thousand rubles.
  • Classified - costly pink skins, the cost of which is 10000 rubles, or even more.
  • Secret rare red skins that can cost up to 100 thousand rubles.
  • Rarely found - items made of gold that everyone dreams of. It is as common to see snow fall in Africa. This kind of quality comes with knives, and just a handful of rifles within Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

We suggest that you look at the market and look at the prices and range. If you're in a hurry to purchase something that is worth your money or something that is worth your time is to collect items that are of poor quality and include to exchange them into the contract. The ten items that are of any color could be exchanged for a random item that is of higher quality.

How do I obtain an unlock?

To purchase a great gun, you'll require the following two items: A gun case and a key to match. The first step is to determine the best way to get the gun's case. You can pick one of the choices below:

  • After an official server, players from both teams are assigned instances. This could be assigned to any player which includes you. The more games you participate in, the greater chance you will are going to receive a case.
  • In certain times of the game, you can find special missions, which consist of a variety of tasks. You'll get the case to reward you for completing each of the tasks.
  • Anyone can swap items in their inventory with others, such as cases.
  • Then, visit your Steam trading platform to purchase the case with real cash. The cost will depend on the contents and whether they are part of collections. If the collection was recently released, the cost of a particular case will be quite high for a time before it will start to fall. This is because initially demand will exceed supply, and it will reverse.

To open a case you will require a key, one from the same collection. For example, if , for instance, you own an Gammа 2. case https://bloodycase.com/case/gamma2, then you need an Gamma 2 key to open the case. Keys can be purchased through the marketplace, or it can be received as a present from another person. The cost of keys on the market is approximately $3.

For the key to be opened, you have to right-click it, and then select "open". After that, you'll get a skin, from the set and the key and case will disappear.

To summarize

The trading floor of Steam offers many opportunities for players of all levels. Trade skins, research demand and supply, and look for rare items so that you could make a bit of cash. However, before you open a case, you must think cautiously since your investment may not yield the desired results.