6 Features of a reliable dating site

Most people start dating online because it’s easy and convenient, but you never know if a dating site is reliable enough. To make your life easier, you can use this bebemur advise, which will help you understand what features a reliable dating site should have!

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Free registration

The reliable dating site provides their customers with free registration because a new user should have the ability to try the advanced paid functionality first before paying for it. If you’re asked to pay some money right at the start, then you should think twice before using such a website.

However, you should also remember that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, so you need to be very careful when choosing a dating site with free registration.

Protection of users’ personal data

Please read the privacy terms carefully beforehand and pay attention to how the website processes your personal data. The site should not disclose information about its users.

In addition, unregistered site users should not be allowed to view your page: not all dating websites are created to help people make acquaintances. Therefore, the users’ personal data should not be indexed by search engines.

Social Media Integration

When registering on such a site, you will see a “Log in with Facebook” or “Sign up via Instagram” button. For a website, this is a quick and convenient way to verify the identity of new users.

When you connect to an existing social network account, the dating site automatically gains access to your data (birthday, location, profile pictures). Then, the system generates a proposed dating profile using this information.

For you, this not only helps to facilitate and speed up the routine registration process but also contributes to finding new acquaintances faster.

Profile photos and videos

Most trusted dating sites require their users to post photos and videos on their profiles. Often the site even motivates the user to fill the profile, guaranteeing to increase its rating. Trusted sites even have in-house moderators to ensure that all uploaded user photos comply with the website policy: most of them will quickly delete nude profile photos and cancel the account of the person who posted them.

Some platforms do not allow videos, while others encourage members to upload their flirty clips.

Some dating websites even offer users the option to check the photo, and then the "Photo verified" icon appears on such photos.

Quality service and feedback

High-quality service has a huge impact on site users. A reliable site completely eliminates fake user pages with fake content.

Pay attention to the process of moderation, find out if there is data verification for authenticity. The site should not contain explicit pictures or promotional material.

Another important quality of a reliable dating site is a professional support service that helps clients solve many problems, takes their comments about the site into account, etc. The site must have contacts of the customer service — an email address for feedback and a chat.

Informative website content

Such dating sites allow you to easily find all information about the user that is important for creating a strong and serious relationship. Thus, you can find out more about the user’s interests, job and hobbies, goals in life, values, plans for the future, etc.